Natural Moms Podcast #115

February 24, 2009

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I apologize for this week’s “lo fi” show. I’m sick and also have a vomiting 6 year old, so we’re couching out for a few days. I didn’t want this week’s show to be any later so I decided to publish the interview as is. lafe of lafe's natural bodycare

My guest this week is Lafe Larson of Lafe’s Natural Bodycare.

While some skin care companies are concerned about BPA in their products, Lafe has gone a step further.

His company recently released the first-of-its-kind organic certified baby line packaged in “baby-safe” plastic, free of estrogenic chemicals.

Listen to find out what Carrie’s favorite product was and how she put it to the ultimate test!

In addition to safe skin care for babies and mothers, Lafe’s offers deodorants and intimate products, free of questionable ingredients such as parabens, glycol, PEGs, and sodium laureth.

Lafe also helps clear up some of the confusion around plastics and their affects on the body. You can also read more information at

lafe's natural baby products

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One Response to “Natural Moms Podcast #115”

  1. Candace Novakowski on February 25th, 2009 10:11 pm

    I got a lot of information out of that! Ive been telling my mommy friends about it too. I never thought of the bottles my childrens bath products (and ours too) and if it contains harmful chemicals or not! We dont use plastic anywhere else in the house. Also the part where he said a woman puts aprox 126 nasty chemicals on there face whlie putting on there makeup freaked me out! Thank goodness I use all natural stuff when I do put it on!!!
    Even if it was a lo fi show, I thought it was fantastic!

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