Natural Moms Podcast #151

My guest on this show is Geraldine O’Keefe of Escape To Sleep, an all-natural sleep aid made from organic aloe, herbs and flowers used traditionally for insomnia to help you relax and even aid in easing gastrointestinal problems.

Geraldine isĀ an Aromatherapist and Certified Herbalist who is talking to us about how to get a good night’s sleep. Some points discussed on this show:

  • Why so many struggle with sleep these days.
  • Side effects of poor sleep habits
  • What is a sleep routine?
  • Why women in particular suffer from poor sleep.
  • What women can do during pregnancy and the postpartum period to sleep restfully.
  • Tips everyone can implement to improve their sleep quality tonight.

Be sure to check out Geraldine’s sleep tonic at Escape to Sleep if you need help in this area.

Note: The audio was a little low on this recording, so please turn up your speakers or use earphones!

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