Natural Moms Podcast #154

My guest this week is Nichi Kuechle of My Healthy

Nichi is a Parent Coach, Childbirth Educator, Doula, and Craniosacral Therapist, and Mom.

We are talking about the “Fourth Trimester”, the postpartum period. Nichi is sharing tips on postpartum support and recovery, especially for moms of multiples.
How can a mom have a healthy and happy postpartum experience? What kinds of things can she do during her pregnancy to prepare – physically and emotionally, for the new baby and postpartum recovery? These are a few of the questions we discussed.

If you are currently pregnant, please listen. I enjoyed hearing Nichi’s wisdom and perspective. If you aren’t pregnant, do your expecting friends a favor – share this program using the social media buttons below.

Be sure to check out the New Parent Toolkit available for download free on Nichi’s site!

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