Natural Moms Podcast #157

This week I interviewed Dr. Lon Jones of CommonSenseMedicine.

Dr Jones is an osteopathic family physician and an expert on xylitol. His interest in xylitol began when he used it successfully to treat his granddaughter’s recurrent ear infections. He then applied what he learned to his medical practice.

You may have heard of xylitol before while researchingĀ  dental health. Xylitol, derived from birch bark, is a natural sweetener that does not contribute to tooth decay.

Multiple studies have shown that xylitol reduces the incidence of cavities, and that this result continues even after the use of xylitol ends.

[Side note: my Father old me that his 4 Great-Aunts chewed on birch bark to care for their teeth (they lived before the era of convenient drugstores and toothbrushes!), which I thought was interesting. The Native Americans also used birch bark in this way.]

Dr. Jones is sharing:

  • How xylitol prevents tooth decay.
  • How much xylitol to use for maximum effectiveness
  • Whether xylitol is “natural” or not
  • Concerns about the safety and possible side effects
  • What the Finns know that we don’t
  • How to choose oral care products for maximum benefit
  • Other uses of xylitol including prevention of ear infections in kids and as a sinus rinse
  • How using a neti pot is like douching (yikes!) and more

Mentioned on the show:

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