June 20, 2010

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Zachary's laundry
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Yesterday saw me in a frenzy of last minute baby stuff gathering, yard sale-ing, cloth diaper obtaining, cleaning and baby clothes laundering.

Seems my long awaited “nesting” instinct has finally kicked in.

I’ve been looking around the house for weeks taking note of things that I wanted to do, but just didn’t have the energy to take care of them.

So I made lists. :-)

Yesterday I went to a couple of great yard sales.

I got a like new Moses basket with extra sheets (for $12!), a set of nursing PJs and a nursing gown and robe ($2 for the lot!) and a few newborn baby layette items (like those snap lap tees and cotton gowns – a buck for the bag!).

awww. little poppet.
Creative Commons License photo credit: philcampbell

I also snapped up several Swaddlebees, 4 ProRap diaper covers and a couple of And Such Is Life diapers (these are sooo cute!) for a song thanks to a local mom who had listed them on Craigslist. (From my communications with other sellers, cloth diapers don’t seem to “move” so well on Craigslist so that may be a great place to find good deals.)

I went through the bags and Rubbermaid containers full of previously loved baby clothes friends have given me (curiously, all of them boy clothes) and organized them by size, and washed the newborn stuff to set aside for the baby.

(Hmm, why hasn’t anyone given me girl hand me downs?;-)

I’ve cleaned out the master bedroom closet and moved all my clothes to another closet (the secret to a happy marriage? Separate bathrooms and separate closets. LOL!). Our closets aren’t designed well and this was the best solution. Eventually big Z will move all his clothes downstairs to the laundry room since he often changes clothes down there anyway.

We rearranged the girl’s rooms.

Previously little Z and Ilana (10 and 7) were rooming together in the larger bedroom, and Sadie (almost 5) had her own room (where we also store the baby’s things).

We’ve put Ilana and Sadie back together, which is the arrangement I had before marrying big Z. It seems to be working out well. Little Z is the only kid in public school (long story, it’s her mother’s wishes) so instead of her having to tiptoe around a sleeping sib to get ready in the morning she’ll have a little more breathing room.

Also Ilana and Sadie were having trouble getting along, and the move seems to have helped with that already. They’re acting like friends again.

Not to mention Sadie had never slept alone until she had her own room, and it wasn’t going well. Mama was getting awakened in the night which was difficult. Since being back with her big sister she’s doing much better.

I’ve been organizing the basement a bit.

I wanted to have a huge yard sale before the baby came, but fatigue and the heat just made it too difficult. (It’s been over 100 degrees here lately with the heat index.) So downstairs there are dozens of trash bags full of outgrown/discarded kid’s clothes, dh’s tools, and general junk treasures to sell at our huge yard sale in the late summer. I moved it all to a more out of the way location down there and created some space.

I made another batch of homemade laundry detergent so I won’t run out.

I put together a small “postpartum wardrobe” to wear the first few weeks after baby (because it’s going to be a long time before my size 4 skinny jeans fit. Waaah!). There are nursing bras, nursing gowns and PJs, two stretchy skirts, a dress and several tops that are a bit baggier than what I would ordinarily wear (to fit the postpartum boobs).

I have two Belly Bandits waiting in the wings. :-) This is the first time I’ve ever done postpartum belly binding. I’m hoping it helps with the intense after birth pains I get (and these get worse with each baby!) as well as baby belly shrinkage.

My cloth postpartum pads, cloth diapers, newborn baby clothes are set out in my bedroom. My Moby Wrap, BabyHawk Mei Tai, and Peanut Shell pouch are ready to tuck a sweet little baby into. :)

The diaper pail (which is actually a large kitchen trash can with flip up lid that I snagged from a neighbor for free when she moved out!), wipes warmer (I like using warm cloth wipes for my newborn, it’s my way of spoiling my baby :) ) and such are ready on top of my dresser (a changing spot/cloth diaper station).

The birth kit and other supplies (herbs, juice, flash light, etc) are tucked into a kitchen cabinet. Ready for inspection by the midwife, who is coming Tuesday for the home visit (when I’m 37 weeks and get the thumbs up for a home birth).

The only thing I’m missing is my labor pool, which I ordered in May but is on back order. Yikes! It better arrive before I go into labor!

I still need to sterilize the extra sheets and towels for the birth. I’ll do that Monday. Find the video camera and film and organize the boy’s bedroom are also on my list.

What kinds of things did you do to get ready for baby?

The “nesting” thing fascinates me. In previous pregnancies I would find myself up at 3 A.M, restless and cleaning out closets, scrubbing baseboards with a toothbrush and organizing spices. LOL.

This time I’m not so interested in cleaning stuff (maybe I’m a bit older, have more kids and a little tired?).  Yesterday I did go to a Chiropractor and felt *much* better after an adjustment, maybe that helped me be more comfortable so I could get some things done.

What did nesting look like for you?

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  1. Candi on June 21st, 2010 4:38 am

    Nesting is that great burst of energy needed to get you through. You’re almost there! And great yard sale finds!

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