No Spend Month, Week Two

August 22, 2008

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I started No Spent Month on August 4, so the first week went from the 4th to the 11th, and week two was from the 12th to the 18th.

I came in under budget the first week: No Spend Month, Week One so I guess it’s not too bad that I was over budget for last week. Oh, well.

I spent $10 at Ruby Tuesday when I went out with a good friend and her family. I had not seen them for a year and it was great to catch up. So this was totally worth it. I ordered salad and a water, and with tip it totaled $10.

Went to CVS because I HAD to have a pair of stockings. I didn’t have a coupon and there were no sales or anything, so I spent $4 on those. I am sure you could argue that I didn’t actually HAVE to have them, but since I wear stockings frequently to my place of worship, they’re kind of a necessity. I mean, I can go bare legged, but who wants to have to shave several times a week?

While I was there (big mistake – going into a store with the kids!) the Rug Rats talked me into buying $2 of candy.

Grand total, $16.

But to redeem myself, I got a $5.99 rebate check from a pack of pens I bought from Staples! Making the pens free but also putting that much back into my pocket making me right at budget. :)

This week I felt a bit more tempted to spend.

A copy of Blur’s Greatest Hits 2-CD lot on eBay caught my eye, as did several books.

But I was a good girl.

There will be plenty more people selling Blur CDs next month, (and in the meantime there is for free British boy bands) and I also got my book itch scratched with 4 free books from PaperbackSwap).


If you’re joining me, how’d you do?

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