Nobody Move

My almost 9 and 6 year old daughters have had a love/hate relationship for years.

They would get along and play together occasionally for a few hours, maybe even a few days.

But it rarely lasted.

I think these two have turned a corner however.

Maybe it’s because the 6 year old has matured. She seems to have jumped ahead a year in maturity in the last two weeks.

Not sure.

All I know is, I’m enjoying it. The two of them are so cutesy that they’re getting on their brothers’ nerves. I have to remind them that the fighting is far worse.

Together they string up sheets to make a curtain.

It was a fashion show/ballet dance/Princess … whatever. Admission was .50 a head.

They took turns announcing each other, and parading down the catwalk in various outfits.

There are tea parties. And Princess stories. And writing each other sweet little notes.

All manner of girly, sisterly things.

Nobody. Move.


I’m enjoying this too much.

Nothing breaks a mother’s heart worse than seeing her kids act like enemies.

And nothing makes her have that funny lump in her throat more than watching them become friends.



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One Response to Nobody Move

  1. Elizabeth Ashe says:

    Love the pics! It makes me want girls….lol; Were you guys heading out to service?

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