Not So Fast, Day Two

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Today is the second day of my “modified juice fast” that I started yesterday.

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Yesterday late afternoon and evening were a little rough.

I felt yucky. A little achy, and tired. I went to bed at around 8 PM and slept until 8 AM. I didn’t feel vital at all, I felt weak.

This morning, and all day, I felt great.

I made breakfast late and did eat a little (which was my plan). But I haven’t had any “food” since. Just the raw juice mixture. I was active and busy all day and didn’t feel very hungry even.

There were a couple of times when I wanted food. It wasn’t so much a real hunger, it was a “everyone else is doing it”, or a “now is when I usually do it” kind of thing. I was able to distract myself by reading, and staying busy with other things.

Times when it was a little harder not to think about food:

Even though this is only my second day, I’ve already noticed a couple of things.

  • When one doesn’t eat, one doesn’t poop. One of the things I had hoped this mini fast would accomplish is to kind of clean out my guts a little. I thought the raw juice mix I’m drinking (a gallon a day) would have enough fiber, plus all the fluid, to make me go. Nope. Just peeing like a horse.
  • When I did eat solid food (breakfast), I savored. every. bite. I even noticed flavor nuances, like the subtle flavor of the butter on my toast (it tasted like the inside of the fridge because I forgot to cover it up).

I can see how going without food could really put the brakes on the hedonic treadmill. I bet I eat a little mindlessly most of the time.

So my goal when I am back to eating three squares is to: Slow Down and Savor Each Bite.

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One Response to Not So Fast, Day Two

  1. I am very interested in your fast, but I was thinking the same thing as far as cleaning a person out. LOL So far this year I’ve lost A LOT of weight (30 pounds) and then recently gained back four. Not bad really, but I don’t want to be gaining. I am going to start walking on every sunny or partly cloudy day, and on rainy days I am going to use my wii fit. I just gave away all of my too big for me clothes and am down to just a few, and I am not interested in them not fitting either! LOL

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