One of These Nights

April 7, 2010

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Yesterday I was sleepy from being up for a few nights with sick kiddos. Some kind of 24 hour fever bug. Thankfully everyone is on the mend.

This morning I’m up much earlier than usual. Can’t lie in bed when sciatica pain is hitting me. And when my rumbling stomach says I forgot my bedtime snack.

It occurs to me that when you’re a mom, a lot of interesting things happen at night.

And that one of these nights (in 12 to 14 weeks or so), something very interesting will happen.

One of these nights I’ll go to bed with crampy feelings. I’ll wonder if “this is it”.

One of these nights I’ll wake up and my water will have broken.

I’ll get up, putz around the house, brush my teeth and put makeup on, get a quick shower. I’ll do some light housework inbetween the contractions. I’ll have an inner dialogue about when to call the midwife.

One of these nights I’ll grab the box that came in the mail down from the top of the fridge (or wherever I’ve hidden it from my girls who would be irresistibly attracted to its contents).  The birth kit.

I’ll gather the package of sanitized sheets, diapers and towels that are wrapped in plastic and taped up and get them handy.

I’ll consider calling my mom to tell her this is it. She’s already up. She knows.

One of these nights I’ll gently rouse my husband. I’ll let him know I’m in labor, but to keep sleeping while he can. When I need the pool filled, I’ll wake him again. He’ll go back to sleep promptly (as only a man can under these conditions!).

One of these nights I’ll visit the bathroom a LOT. My body will make room everywhere for a baby to come through.

I’ll consider going back to bed but instead will rest on the couch.

One of these nights I’ll writhe around on the floor, in my bed and in a pool of warm water, breathing and moaning softly through pain that feels like a tearing in half.

And later on say it was easy.

One of these nights, I’ll welcome a brand new human being into the world.

Around 1:40pm
Creative Commons License photo credit: eyeliam

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One Response to “One of These Nights”

  1. Candi on April 9th, 2010 7:50 pm

    Great post carrie. I really wish you’d consider being a full time doula one day. You’d be great!!

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