Organize Kids Chores with Kanban

When a friend on Twitter mentioned that he and his wife were creating a Kanban board to help organize their kid’s chores, my virtual ears perked up.

Anything that will help my kids do their chores without being reminded is a win!

First I had to Google the term because I didn’t know what a Kanban board was. Turns out I had come across the concept before, just worded differently: Organizing kids chores with Post- Its!

I sat down to get the board done the other day. Here’s the finished product:

It was easy to do. I just wrote the kid’s names across the top (the baby doesn’t do chores yet, but her time will come!).

Then I wrote down on Post-Its the specific chore. (If the nature of the chore is that it’s done more than once a day, like laundry or sweeping, I created a separate Post-It for the number of times I want it done daily. I did this so that in the future, if I wish to I can break up those tasks and assign them to multiple people.)

There are a few advantages of using a Kanban board to organize the kid’s chores:

  • The chores can quickly and easily be rotated. At a recent family meeting the kids asked that some chores be switched up weekly to avoid monotony and so that some dreaded tasks (bathrooms) can rotate. This makes it so easy to do!
  • The board makes it easy for the kids to see what needs to be done. A typical Kanban board has room  for the Post-Its to be removed and then stuck into place AFTER the chore has been accomplished. I did mine a little differently, but since Post-Its are so easy to stick and restick, I can change it around and tweak it if I need to.
  • It’s just plain fun!

If you want to see more examples of people who organized kid’s chores with kanban, you can Google it for tons of images.

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One Response to Organize Kids Chores with Kanban

  1. Candi @ Family Stamping and FOOD! says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I’m needing to start figuring out some sort of chore routine for the kids now that we have a bigger helper in the house :)

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