Our Second Happiness Project Group Meeting

My girlfriends and I met last night for our second monthly Happiness Project group meeting.

I was glad that one of the ladies was in a chatty mood. Because I wasn’t.

I had been thinking about how for me at least, happiness is sometimes a matter of Two Steps Forward, One Step Back. It disappointed me. I want to be better, and do better all the time. I disapoint myself. And I can sometimes be impatient with circumstances that I can’t change.

I wanted to ask the ladies if they ever experienced blue or low moods “for no reason”.  I wanted to ask them if they, too, felt that happiness was “two steps forward….”. I even wrote those those things down so I wouldn’t forget.

I never got around to asking. That’s ok. I’ll do it next time.

Today I feel better just because it’s sunny out and I’ve been outside most of the morning. That’s always an instant mood lifter for me. If only I could control the weather (now I could move to a place where it’s always sunny, but I would miss my family so much that I wouldn’t be happy. Ah the irony!).

Running on a treadmill
Creative Commons License photo credit: eccampbell

One of my friends (the one who, at our first Group meeting, related that someone told her it was “selfish” to buy herself a treadmill?!) announced that she had lost 15 pounds since our last meeting. Basking in the glow of her success brought me happiness, and I was reminded of why I wanted to do this Group thing. Sharing our successes gives us “double the pleasure”.

My goals for this month have mostly remained the same, but I dropped a few that ended up not being important, or that have already become more or less habit.

My NEW daily goals for April are:

  • To perform one (not so random) Act of Kindness each day.
  • To plan my week on Sunday nights, and write a nightly To-Do list as part of my Before Bed Routine.
  • Remember to Pray and Breathe when I feel stressed.
  • Thank someone sincerely (beyond a mere ‘thanks’) every day.
  • Continue tracking every penny I spend. I use this free online tool: Spending Diary.

Do you have any goals? I would love to hear about them. :-)

Recommended Reading: The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin

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2 Responses to Our Second Happiness Project Group Meeting

  1. hannah says:

    If you had asked me that I would have told you, yes, all the time. Striving to do and be better has made me realize how much improvements I really do need to make. It also has opened me up to more failure (if you don’t try you don’t fail but the opposite is also true). You might feel like a failure but others (like me) don’t see you that way! You are so inspiring!

  2. Carrie says:

    “Striving to do and be better has made me realize how much improvements I really do need to make.”

    So true! :-)

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