Parenting Questions With No Answers

Some parenting issues have no real answers.

For instance, how is it that children (and husbands) can knock the hand towel off the towel bar, and not notice it much less replace it?

Why is it that some kids insist in being booger eaters? I mean, I get picking your nose. It’s all stuck in there and blocking your breathing, and who can be bothered to get up off the couch to get a tissue?

But… eating boogers?

Whatever happened to a good honest flick?

I try to explain to two particular children who shall remain nameless that boogers are a waste product, and just as we would not think of ingesting other bodily waste products, neither should we eat boogers full of detritus that the nose is trying to get rid of.

To no avail, sadly.

Here’s another dilemma:

When two sisters argue over Whose Friend It Is.

She’s MY friend because she’s the same age as me.

She’s MY friend because I met her FIRST (at the same event, on the same day, minutes before you, but still!).

How do you handle this one?

The older of the two insists that she wants to have a friend that her sister doesn’t have. Passionate fights over email addresses and phone numbers ensue.

I offered to procure a sharp sword and a bodyguard in order to split the friend in two, a la King Solomon, hoping that the real friend would please stand up and beg to give said friend to her sister.

I’m at a loss.

What do you do in these situations?


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