Penny (Actually $5) For Your Thoughts

You’ve heard the expression “Penny for your thoughts” right? Well, I’m offering a bit more than that. I’m paying $5 a pop for your product reviews:

I’m looking for products that interest the natural mom, such as:

*Book reviews (gentle discipline, green living, etc)
*Natural skin care, baby care, etc
*Organic products
*Homeschool stuff
*Non toxic household items
*Even healthy recipes (your own unique recipes please)

Go here to submit your review:

We Moms love to share our thoughts on stuff we love (or don’t love!), why not get paid for it?

And please help me spread the word!

Thanks so much!

EDITED TO SAY: We’ve gotten many reviews that we can’t use because they are way too short (the Terms of Service explains that only those reviews with a 200 word minimum can be accepted for approval, 30 words or so just isn’t going to cut it!) or aren’t natural products (for instance, the Swiffer WetJet would hardly be appropriate because it uses harsh chemicals for the cleaning solution and is disposable), so please read the T.O.S. before submitting. Thanks!

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2 Responses to Penny (Actually $5) For Your Thoughts

  1. Jenny says:

    Cool! I bet I could dig up some reviews for $5!

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