Photo Friday: My Baby

Ruby has been a fussy girl for a couple of days. Teething maybe. Runny poops and only wanting mommy are the symptoms.

I had to get some dishes washed, so I strapped her onto my back.

See what she’s doing with her left hand?

Yanking at a mole on my neck.

Yowch. Totally busted.

She’s in that really obnoxious phase where she pulls, scratches, twiddles and yanks anything that sticks out. Moles, nipples, belly buttons… you name it. My belly button is scratched and SORE. At night I have to cover my sticking-out bits so I don’t wake up looking like I had a makeout session with Edward Scissorhands.

We have 4 bookcases in our living room. The bottom shelves, all the ones Ruby can reach, are always cleared off, courtesy of said toddler.

(Note to self: Do more tricep dips. And think about paying attention to my hair in the back before allowing my picture to be taken for the internets.)

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