Please Answer This Blogging Survey

I promised a couple of weeks ago that I was going to release an ebook on blogging – just for the natural mom.

Then I kind of forgot about it! Oops! Sorry about that.

But first, I put together a quickie survey to gather your questions about blogging. Go here to fill out the survey please! Pretty please!

If there’s anything else you want to say or ask about blogging, whether for personal or for business, ask it here in the comments. Thanks :-)

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One Response to Please Answer This Blogging Survey

  1. Esper says:

    Where should I start my blog? Where should I post a blog about natural parenting and how do I earn money on it is my question.

    I’m also curious if the articles I have submitted to you, if I would be able to use them on my blog someday or if they are exclusive to you now or how that works?


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