Potty Learning Helper

An interesting product hit my mailbox the other day.

Do you have a stepstool in front of your toilet so that little ones who are potty training can reach?

I know I have had one for years. It also helps for the toddler have a spot to rest his feet so he doesn’t fall in or have to “hold on” to the side of the toilet.


The Little Looster is a potty learning step stool that slides up to your toilet and wraps around.

If you dread using a child’s potty chair because you hate cleaning it and want to train your child directly to the big potty, you might want to look into this.

Because of the cutout design, adults are able to use it without moving it out of the way.

We used this in the main (kid’s) bathroom for a few weeks, and my 5 year old liked using it. She said it felt really comfortable to be able to rest her feet on it. She certainly looked more stable!

Unfortunately, the boys didn’t, and they kept moving it away from the toilet which kind of defeated the purpose.

I don’t know if they were too short to “reach” the commode with the Little Looster in place, or what. Also, this bathroom happens to be really tiny, and I think it would work best in a bathroom with a little more floor space.

Anyway, I plan on keeping it because in a year when the youngest is potty training, I’m sure she’ll love the more secure feeling it provides.

To be honest, *I* liked using the Looster as a foot rest when I’m on the toilet. Having your feet up a little approximates a healthy squatting position, takes pressure off your veins and makes “going” easier.

You can learn more about this product at their website: Little Looster or at Amazon.com: Little Looster, Booster for the Loo

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