Potty Training Question

September 26, 2010

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A reader emailed me with the following question:

I read your article, ‘How To Potty Train a Toddler In Two Days‘ and I fell in love with your advice. I have a two year old, and it is time to potty train him! You said in your article to sit him on the potty every 10 minute, but you did not say for how long. So how long should the child sit on the potty? I am very excited about potty training him the way you said b/c before I read your article it was a hit and miss on the potty training! Thanks in advance.”
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Thanks for the compliment Tonya and I’m glad the method is working for you. With my toddlers,  I found that sitting them on the potty about every 20 minutes or so worked well.
Sometimes I set a timer and when it would go off, I would say “The timer went off, it’s time to sit on the potty!”. It removes any power struggle that might come up when you’re asking a young child to interrupt their activities.
I also required the toddler to sit for just a moment. If they wanted to jump up right away I would encourage them to sit still for just a bit. I had books available next to the potty for them to look at so they would be willing to sit. This gives their bodies time to relax for a minute.
Hope that helps. Happy potty training!

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  1. david cavaliere on September 26th, 2010 10:44 pm

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