PR: Beyond the Barn Pajamas Introduce Kids to Animals


~ New Jammies Announces the Release of Organic Pajamas that Inspire Children to Explore the Outdoors and Respect the Natural World ~

NEW YORK- June 16, 2008- Today, as more companies are creating increasingly advanced technology to captivate children as young as infants, one children’s wear designer is introducing a timeless pajama collection that opens little imaginations to the natural wonders that existed before DVDS, video games, and electronic toys.  New Jammies has just released certified organic cotton, animal patterned pajamas that promote and inspire healthy living by introducing children to outdoor creatures like geckos, butterflies and owls.

The fun, colorful, and large, bold, cartoon-like patterns of orange, gold, and blue gecko’s, baby and hot pink butterflies, and pale and deep blue owls, moons, and stars encourage kids to have a new curiosity about different animals and get outside, discover, and appreciate the wonders of nature.

“Developing an appreciation for nature at a young age helps children achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It also teaches them to grow up to have respect for the natural resources in our environment and acknowledge the need to protect them as they grow older,” said New Jammies Founder Nicole Weinberger.

Weinberger, made her company debut last year by introducing the first collection of certified organic clothing in the country that also promoted healthy eating.  The infant and children’s pajamas, playtime rompers, and “onesie’s” were decorated in one of six colorful and fresh patterns: tangerines, apples, peas, carrots, blueberries, and bananas. Each garment came with a keepsake book, authored and illustrated by Weinberger.  At bedtime, the books reinforced the pajamas’ healthy images through beautiful pictures and stories.

The response from retailers and customers was so successful that Weinberger was inspired to create her latest pajama designs promoting curiosity and awareness of animals.

“Parents all over the country have commented about their children’s positive response to the colorful fruit and veggie jammies.  Young children just learning to speak could point at shapes on their jammies and recognize it as one of the foods they loved eating (especially the bananas and blueberries!)  As I heard these stories from parents, I thought if children could identify these images as good, fun foods, then why not create a pajama that teaches children to learn about nature’s critters?  I chose  gecko’s, butterflies, and owls  because they are creatures of many facets that stimulate a child’s curiosity about wildlife and the outdoors beyond the traditional barn yard patterns that have already been done,” said Weinberger.

All the new nature patterns come in short-sets for older children that are perfect for warm, summer nights. There are also “footsie” designs for newborns to one-year-olds.

New Jammies also recently released infant wear in bold colored solids to for year-round play.

Additionally, the company is releasing a special, fun holiday pattern with timeless images from the game of jacks. The jacks prints come in snug-fit, long sleeve shirt and pant sets.

New Jammies products are available in select U.S. boutiques and online, in sizes 12 months to age 6 and are designed in compliance with all consumer safety products regulations.

More information can be found at

About New Jammies & Founder Nicole Weinberger
Where else in the world would fruit and vegetable print pajamas come from but the Garden State? Born and Raised in New Jersey, New Jammies Founder Nicole Weinberger has long hoped that her creative and entrepreneurial spirit would bring to fruition a company reflecting her family values and desire to bring positive change in this world.    Weinberger’s ongoing interest in nature and science led her to a BS in Chemistry from Washington and Lee University.   After working for several years as an organic chemist, Weinberger felt that despite the fantastic role that chemistry plays in our everyday lives, there were areas where chemicals and our exposure to them should be reduced.   More and more research has concluded that young children in their developmental stages may be even more at risk to chemicals in their environment.  Completing her MBA at Rutgers University, she developed organic clothing for children to help reduce these risks.   New Jammies is the result of her passion for art, education, and developing a healthy lifestyle for our most precious resource – children.  Nicole recently moved from the Garden State to New York City.

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