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The girls enjoyed a barefoot tea party at their grandma’s house last week.

I wonder if Queen Victoria ever took her tea barefoot?


Ruby’s first popsicle of the season. Actually, her first popsicle ever. Who can resist the siren call of the Ice Cream Truck? It was so hot that day at the park, I couldn’t say no!


What happens when you have a very sleepy toddler who resists taking a nap? At around 4:30 she pulled her shirt down for some strange reason, laid down on the rug and fell asleep!


A family of 9 goes through a lot of toilet tissue. We’ve started buying it in bulk at the office supply store. For some odd reason, I couldn’t help snapping a picture.

That’s how we roll, folks.

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One Response to {pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Kate says:

    What a beautiful tea party! It looks like a dream.

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