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I’m joining Like Mother Like Daughter’s {pretty, happy, funny, real} meme today. I thought of titling this week’s post “Buzz/Kill”. After reading you’ll see why it fits.


My neighborhood is absolutely beautiful this time of year. The trees and bushes are exploding in shades of fuschia, purple, orange, pink, white and salmon. While currently I’m having a bit of a location crisis (more on that in another post), the arrival of spring has helped. We’re bursting in bloom around here. Every morning Ruby and I go flower picking.


Is there anything cuter than a toddler stomping around in a grownup’s shoes? Those are some big boots to fill, sweetie.


The other morning I went outside in my PJs to grab my jeans hanging on the drying rack. I took them into the bathroom and began getting dressed. Soon after I pulled my jeans on, I felt something poking me. That’s odd, I thought. I pulled them down and noticed a big red welt on my thigh, then heard “Buzzzzzzz….” I swiped a huge fat bumblebee out of my scrunched up pants.

Concerned that Ruby would walk into the bathroom and step on it before I could grab her, I stumbled into the living room, pants around my ankles and asked hubby to please kill it. After walking into the bathroom and taking care of business, he commented that he was surprised I wasn’t screaming. My reply?

“Dearest, I’ve given birth to 5 babies without the benefit of anesthetic. A bee sting pales in comparison.”

Who knew hanging laundry outside could be hazardous to your health?


This morning was a real buzz kill. It breaks my heart to have to break a child’s heart, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do. All my kids are spending the night at my parents, save one girl who was being disciplined for a particularly egregious mistake last Sunday. I told her last night that since it was just the two of us (and baby), we would go get our toes done today. This morning we woke up and she was helpful and sweet. We spent 45 minutes putting a puzzle together and just enjoying each other’s company before we left.

At the nail salon I decided she would get her fingers and toes painted. Cost: $8. Since she paints her fingers and toes all the time for free, I thought this was a real treat. (By comparison, my pedicure is $17.) She picked her color and we were all set to begin. Only.

She began begging me to let her get a spa pedicure ($23). Now, before you go thinking I’m a mean old Scrooge, let me explain. I realize that by getting pedicures I’m taking a small risk of getting some weird foot infection. I’m willing to take this risk because I can’t get my feet to look nearly this nice at home, and when I’m pregnant it’s especially difficult due to the belly in the way. (Not to mention, at least I can have pretty feet when the rest of me feels bloated and fat.) I’m not willing, however, to risk my daughter’s health for the sake of vanity.

And yes, the cost is a factor too. My daughter picks at her nails terribly, and I knew they would be peeled off and nasty looking within two days anyway. So I was already stretching to pay for this little treat.

But I’ve neeeeever had a pedicure!” (This isn’t true. Her Dad took her once.)

I told her quietly that she was getting her nails and toes painted, and if she was unwilling to accept that then we would leave.

And she had to go there. She kept whining and begging with a frowny grumpy face to boot.

So, I turned on my heel without comment and left. It wasn’t easy, because I had left the house just for this reason. But I had to show her that Mommy is to be taken seriously. That when I say something will happen, it will. I need her to trust me. I also need her to be grateful, and to accept “No” for an answer.

When we got in the car I calmly asked her what mistake she thought she made.

I didn’t take no for an answer“, she said between whimpers.

“Yes. You were also ungrateful. I never had a pedicure when I was a child, and getting your toes and nails done by a professional is a treat. I will not tolerate you behaving like a spoiled Princess. I’m not going to say another word about this, and I’ll go alone to get my pedicure this weekend.”

I didn’t lecture or raise my voice. I, as the saying goes, let the consequence do the talking. Sometimes this parenting gig is hard, but a little short term pain for long term benefit is worth it, no?

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4 Responses to {pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Gwenny says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m so proud of you for your {real}! That seriously was awesome! My daughter is only 16 months – I hope I can stand up to her like that when she gets to that point! Go you!

    Also, that tree in your picture looks like dogwood. It’s all blooming here, too! I just love it!

  2. carrie says:


    And yes, there are tons of dogwoods around here. They’re lovely. The lack of rain is making the pollen heavy but the benefit is the dogwoods stay in bloom longer. :)

  3. Audrey says:

    What a beautiful tree. I love garden and there is a very pretty one in my house too. However, I wish I had a tree like that. The size and the color of the flowers are just perfect and what a great combination. Spring is always my favorite season. All the flowers are blooming and give a new fresh air. Oh, YES! The little girl is just so adorable. The boots are just as big as her head. Kids are just great. They have no fear to try anything. As adults, we should really learn from them; trying anything with no fear. It may be doing good for us. What a lovely article.

  4. Leila says:

    Thanks for joining and sharing your ups and downs. God bless!

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