Project Simplify: Hall Closet

For the first 5 months of my pregnancies, everything seems to slide. Can you relate? Then, I spend the next few months in a frenzy of cleaning, decluttering, nesting… with a big baby belly to haul around in the heat of summer. Ah, well. They’re worth it.

I’ve been following Simple Mom’s Project Simplify posts and even though I’ve been doing some small decluttering/cleaning projects of my own, I haven’t blogged about it. Until today. Because even though I write about scheduling weekly and monthly cleaning tasks, simplifying and minimalism… that doesn’t mean I’m perfect.  ;-)

This week the hot spot of choice for Project Simplify was”choose your own adventure”. Yesterday I decided that the hall closet MUST be dealt with. This is the closet where I store my shoes and the 11 year old’s “Sunday” clothing (his room doesn’t have a closet), as well as homeschooling/art supplies we’re not currently using. (I buy school supplies on clearance once a year.)

But for months it’s become a general dumping ground for anything miscellaneous. There was a box of gender neutral newborn clothing, a suitcase, outgrown Ruby clothing, a bag of disposable diapers (gift for a friend’s upcoming baby shower), etc. Yuck.

After about 25 minutes of pulling everything out and putting stuff away and sweeping, it looked like this.

Top: In the basket are my Sleepy Wrap and Baby Hawk baby carriers, that’s an Ergo in the box, and on the right are homeschooling books and a box of crayons and art supplies. Look how empty the closet looks!
Bottom: I removed all the shoes that are ridiculous to wear while pregnant either because they’re too tight or high heels. (I don’t know about you, but I think pregnant women look ridiculous teetering around in heels.) I can actually see my shoes now!

Ah. Much better.

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