Project Simplify: Week Two

March 29, 2011

Somehow I let myself get behind on the Project Simplify project. Oops.

Last week’s Hot Spot was:

Paper Clutter

I’m actually not too bad in this area. (Now, if I had permission to tackle my husband’s paper clutter, I might get excited about the challenge!)

Still, there is room for improvement.

I started with emptying out a wooden filing cabinet that we keep next to our computer desk. It’s been a place to store extra printer paper,  computer speakers, tax records, checking account stuff, business cards, pictures on CD-ROM, etc. But over the months it kept filling up with kid’s art, music CDs, writing instruments, articles cut out of magazines, ebooks I printed,  and other detritus.

After putting everything that didn’t belong in there in its proper location, throwing away trash, culling articles and ebooks I no longer wanted to keep, it’s curiously… empty.


Now I can sell it if I want, or maybe repurpose it to another area of the house. Still thinking on that one.

I also tackled my filing system.

I have a desk in my kitchen that’s my “office”.  It’s where I often write/blog, make notes and to-do lists, create my weekly menus and do coupons. I check my large wall calendar for family goings-on, charge my phone, and it’s also a place to store my files. I do a little eBay selling from that desk (eBay items to list are kept in a large Rubbermaid container tucked underneath. When eBay has a “list free” week, I pounce). Important documents like birth certificates and money and financial records, but also “stuff I want to keep” like magazine articles, homeschool project ideas, product manuals and warranty cards, home management stuff, mailing and shipping supplies, and the like.

First I simplified my coupon filing system. (I don’t clip until right before I shop. I just save the coupon circulars and use the coupon database websites to create my list.) I moved the coupon circulars to an enclosed plastic filing box. The ONLY thing in there is coupons. It’s much simpler to find what I want now. And since the box is self contained, I can move it to the kitchen table where I have more room to spread out.

I removed things from my files that I didn’t need to get my fingers on quickly. Those were put in another location. I only want stuff around my office that I need on a daily or weekly basis. Stuff I only need to touch yearly or less often can go somewhere else.

Another empty drawer created!

Here is the finished product. Note empty desk opened for dramatic effect.

Did you do this week’s Project Simplify challenge? How did you do?

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