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February 14, 2008

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Since we talked on Moms Morning Show about promoting your blog, I thought I would share some ideas that I have used to get more traffic to my blogs.

  • Write Articles – Turn some of your lengthier, informative posts into articles and publish them at places like Ladypens.
  • Link Out – When you see great posts by fellow bloggers (especially those in your niche), link to their posts and talk about why you enjoyed reading them. They will often link back to you or become a reader.
  • Read and Comment – Find other blogs in your area of interest or expertise and follow them. Leave meaningful comments (don’t spam).
  • Blog Carnivals - Submit some of your best posts to Blog Carnival for more link love and traffic.
  • Write Good Content – No matter how hard you work at building traffic, if your blog is boring you won’t keep people around. Show your personality, be informative and don’t run totally from controversy. This is probably the most important tip. If your content is good, people will link to you more and you will find yourself getting contacted by media.
  • Consider Keywords – When you write posts, think about keywords that people could use to find you in search engines. Blogs should be people friendly first and search engine friendly second, but it doesn’t hurt to name your title (and in the case of Wordpress blogs) and post slug something catchy that includes keywords and phrases.
  • Blog Frequently – People who love to read blogs like to read blogs. If they click on your site and you haven’t updated in a week or more, they might remove you from their feed reader. If you find that you don’t know what to blog about sometimes, read this article: What in the world do I blog about?

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