Review: EIO Glass Kids Cup

January 10, 2011

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EIO Glass Kids Cup

The Basics:

The EIO Glass Kids Cup is an alternative to plastic sippy cups for kids 2 years and up. It was thought of and designed by a mom who was fed up with plastic sippy cups with chewed spouts, mismatched lids and missing valves. It consists of a lid and a silicone sleeve that fit on most 8 oz jelly sized canning jars.  It may be purchased with a glass jar or without.  (Cost is slightly less for the latter.) Lids are made of #5 plastic and are BPA-free.  Sleeves are made in China; lids and glasses are made in the USA.  They come with minimal packaging (no plastic).  There are no spouts to be chewed and no valves to be lost.

Things to note:

This is not a shatter proof/leak proof system.  Because there are no valves, the liquid comes out like that of a “normal” cup (i.e. no sucking mechanism).  This is recommended by experts for children over one year of age for proper dental formation.

Personal Opinion:

I was very excited to hear of this product.  I used jelly jars for awhile but got tired of all of the spills.  So brilliant idea!  I prefer my kids drinking out of glass over plastic.
Even though there are BPA-free materials available, how are we to know that there is not another BPA-like ingredient yet to be discovered.  I prefer not to take the gamble and used glass or stainless when possible.  I also try to reduce my plastic consumption in general.

The packaging, overall design and colors are cute and appealing.  I ordered (from Amazon) one for my five year old and one for my 2 year old as x-mas stocking stuffers.  I ordered them without jars and picked up 4 jelly jars for 20 cents each at the thrift store.  The kids were both excited for them.  I give them an A+ for kid appeal.

Both liked them and had no troubles using them.  I still thought they were great.

I did notice that one seemed to be leaking out through the grooves and out the bottom of the cap.  I tried all of the jars I had and it leaked consistently.  The other was fine.

I contacted the company and was contacted back by the owner in less than a day.  She was kind, considerate, and helpful.  I would by again in a second just to support that- as it is such a rarity today.  She is going to send a replacement and a shipping label to send back the leaky lid so it can be checked out. SO, overall great concept, great green product and safe product, and great company.
I say they are definitely worth a try!

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