Review: Lil’ Dressers Drawer Labels for Kids

lil' dressers drawer labels for kids

The folks at Mostly Organized Moms sent me these Lil’ Dressers Drawer Labels for kids. In a nutshell these are reusable, stick on/pull off labels that help your child identify the clothing in their dresser drawers.

It helps them remember where there clothes are and also make laundry easier because even a young child who cannot read can see the pictures and put laundry in their dresser without your help.

There are packages for boys and girls. Each contains 18 labels: for shirts (long sleeved and short), pants, PJs (summer and winter), long undies, underwear, undershirts, swimsuits, sweaters, sweatshirt, socks, tights, etc depending on the gender.

I let my girls color these with markers to their heart’s content then helped them stick them on their drawers. Even my 3 year old understands what goes where now, so when I give her a pile of clean folded laundry she no longer has to query me over and over, “Where does dis go? Where does dis go?” LOL!

Included in the package are blank labels for your own unique needs. They stick on and easily pull off without any damage to furniture. Anything that can help us moms stay a little more organized and make things go more smoothly is good in my book!

These will be available December 1 at the Mostly Organized Moms website.

lil' dressers drawer labels for kids

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  1. Lila says:


    Really those are too cool. I’m going to get some for your dad!

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