Review: Motherlove Birth and Baby Oil

Motherlove Birth and Baby Oil

Review submitted by: Kirstan Graham

motherlove birth and baby oil
Motherlove Birth and Baby Oil is an organic apricot oil with a touch of lavender for multiple uses throughout pregnancy, birth and baby’s tender years. The oil itself is light and non-greasy. It easily rubs into skin leaving it smooth and infused with the delicate apricot and lavender scents minus the toxic ingredients of many other skin care products on the market.

The Birth and Baby oil has many lovely uses including moisturizing dry hormonal skin. A light amount rubbed into tight and itchy belly skin is a great relief from late pregnancy irritation.

Leading up to the big day the oil is a great choice for perineal massage if the mother has chosen to do so. The ingredients are natural and organic so they are safe for those most delicate areas and will not introduce questionable ingredients into the birth canal.

Primarily a great oil for baby massage, the added bonus as a treatment for cradle cap is where this product shines. Used much like a traditional olive oil treatment, rubbed on the scalp prior to bath time, left for 5-10 minutes to settle in and then washed out, the oils succeeds in breaking up the flakes and moisturizing the baby’s scalp. I found with my daughter that this treatment alone was sufficient in clearing up her rather extreme case of cradle cap. With only a few treatments her scalp has cleared up considerable, only producing a few isolated flakes here and there occasionally that are cleared right up with a fresh treatment when needed. Although the extra virgin olive oil is similarly effective, it leaves a greasy residue and is a more difficult to rinse out along with the strong Italian restaurant smell. In comparison the lighter apricot oil rinses out more thoroughly as well as leaving a fresh light aroma of fruity lavender that is by far more appealing.

I highly recommend this versatile oil for all of its pregnancy, birth and baby uses

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