Eco Friendly Families Book Review

Eco Friendly Families by Helen Coronato is a practical guide for parents who want to have green values. If you want to make changes in your lifestyle that are more sustainable, this book will assist you in creating that. How do you get your family on board? How do you make changes without getting overwhelmed? These are the questions the book answers.

  • Chapter 1 encourages you to take inventory of your lifestyle. Going green is a journey, not a destination. What does your day look like? What are some of the things you are already doing that are sustainable? What are the areas in which you are weak and need to make changes?
  • Chapter 2 suggests small changes that equal big results. Going green does not mean selling everything you own and buying recycled products. There are literally hundreds of small changes you can make that add up to big things over time.
  • Chapter 3 takes you on a green goal setting tour. Month by month, there are suggestions for ideas you can implement one at a time. This allows you to make changes that are more permanent because they are gradual instead of drastic. Instead of overwhelm, there are reasonable goals to meet.
  • Chapter 4 focuses on reducing. How do we reduce the amount of stuff that comes into our lives in the first place?
  • Chapter 5 encourages reusing. It helps you think of ways to make things last longer, saving resources.
  • Chapter 6 is all about recycling. You need to know your plastics! There are also ideas on how to recycle electronic and other household waste.
  • Chapter 7 takes you on a room by room eco tour of your home. It suggests changes you can make in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, backyard, etc., to create a non-toxic, greener home.
  • Chapter 8 tackles greener eating – from organic to local and other issues involved with our food. It shows how each of us can vote with our forks.
  • Chapter 9 is all about green cleaning. It explains how to keep your home clean and green.
  • Chapter 10 is all about celebrations. How to party without creating huge amounts of waste and excess.

This book is an easy to read, friendly guide on the path to greener living.

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