Homemade Baby – Make your own baby care essentials

Homemade Baby- The Guide to Making Your Own Baby Care Essentials

This tidy little volume written by Jennifer A. Casey of Munchskins is an easy to use guide to making your own baby skin care products at home, using ingredients you can easily obtain at most larger grocery or health food stores.

Casey, a former makeup artist who also worked in the film industry, became a Mom in 2001 and was not satisfied with the products she saw on the shelves. She decided to incorporate her knowledge of skin care with her interest in aromatherapy to create her own line of skin care and other essential baby products. The book contains recipes for laundry products, bath and body, deodorizers for baby’s room and even some health care needs such as a diaper rash remedy and chicken pox bath soak.

All of the ingredients used in the recipes are natural and inexpensive to obtain. While the recipes can’t be used to create products for sale since they are proprietary to Jennifer, she is letting Moms have the benefit of her research and enjoy making her favorite recipes for their babies at home.

The book starts off outlining why most commercially available skin care products are inappropriate for anyone, especially babies with their delicate skin. She lists common ingredients that should be avoided, and why. Then she educates you about natural alternatives to these. Some of the recipes lend themselves to a bit of experimentation so you can have a little fun with them too.

If you love to make your own skin care products, Homemade Baby deserves a place on your bookshelf.

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