Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery was the book that made me want to give birth at home. Ina May is one of the leading midwives in the country, having been in practice for over 3 decades. She begins her Guide to Childbirth with page after page of birth stories from women that delivered at “The Farm,” her birthing community. No two stories are alike, but they are all woven with a common thread: Each mother thoroughlyIna May's Guide to Childbirth enjoyed her birth.

I believe that pregnant women should surround themselves normal and positive stories and experiences of birth so they can see birth as it is: a physiologically normal, social, family and life changing event. Not a sickness. This book can accomplish that.

The second half of the book can forever changed views of labor and delivery. Ina May explains how each step of the process works and what you can do (or not do) to work with your body, rather than against it. It’s not a book exclusive to those planning a home birth, either. There are birth stories that are located in hospitals and birthing centers and Ina May’s wisdom is applicable to any and all birth settings.

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