Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide

Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide, Revised and Updated Edition
Rating:  7
Description:  Mind and body connecting together to insure good health is what this book is all about.  Use of alternative ways to strengthen the mind and heal the body to achieve perfect health.

Review:  First off this book is a revised edition of the book put out in 1989.  It does bring all the current medical information into play and tells us about things that are new to this type of healthy achievement.

With that said, this book is about using your mind to help your body.  The Ayurdevick method is pronounced in this book.  This method of healing is an Indian method that practices longevity.  Basically the method is used to teach us that we need to make our mind aware and then use that to balance out our bodies.

This type of method is based on you as an individual.  I found the quiz in the book to be perfect for identifying my own needs and what my mind/body type is.  After taking the quiz I was able to construct a plan that fit me.  This really gave me a lot of insight into myself and what I needed to do to maintain my health for years to come.

After the quiz I was able to set up my own daily routine.  Exercise, foods, stress reduction along with many other areas were a part of my daily routine and path.  I began to feel better just having all this mapped out and ready for me to take on.

Once I realized that my mind and body could work together this step-by-step guide set me on the right path to making that happen. Working together with my daily routine has made me feel better as each day goes by.

If you’re looking for a way to find “perfect health” and an alternative method is right for you, check out this book.  It has helped open my eyes and see what was missing and how to bring those types of things back into my life so I could begin achieving my own “perfect health.”

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