The 365 Salad Recipe Collection Cookbook

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salad cookbookReview: The 365 Salad Recipe Collection

In today’s world of fast foods, processed foods, and convenience foods it is hard for some moms to make sure that everyone in the family is getting enough vegetables in their diet. Vegetables seem to be the toughest sell at the dinner hour as parents and children alike may have aversions to some varieties. Finding a happy medium can be hard.

One solution that usually seems to work is the delicious and versatile salad. It can be a potpourri of many tastes and textures that everyone will like but salads can quickly get boring if you keep serving up the same thing all the time.

That is why I love a new e-book called The 365 Salad Recipe Collection. It takes an old favorite and gives you 365 ways to transform it into a masterpiece. That is a new salad for every day of the year! Or rather it is 365 ways to alleviate salad boredom. It has vegetable salads, fruit salads, pasta salads, bean salads, and even breakfast salads.

It also exposes you to some ingredients and flavors you may never have tried before making it an adventure as well as a good eat.

The opening chapter has some good tips on picking the highest quality ingredients to turn out the best tasting and healthiest salads. Then you have hundreds of delicious salad recipes like Confetti Chicken Salad and Fluffy Fruit Salad. This book is a must have for families that want to eat healthy and delicious!

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Another reviewer said:

This cookbook gives you 365 salad recipes that will help you incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your every day life.

Review: That’s right 365 salad recipes. Hard to believe huh? I thought so until I checked it out. How could anyone come up with 365 different salads? My thought was if you want fresh fruits and vegetables you can only make so many different salads and 365 wasn’t even close to the number I was thinking. Boy was I way off.

One thing I found to be common in almost all the diet books and healthy eating books I have read are that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for you. No matter how you fix them, no matter how much of them you eat or whether you dice them, slice them or eat them whole they are good for you. The other thing I have found is that most of these books don’t really give you a lot of options in how to get your family to eat these types of foods. For me that was a very hard battle that I was losing on a daily basis.

I realized that my family did like salads so I thought I could use salads to get them to eat their fruits and vegetables. It worked for about a week. I kept serving the same types of salads day in and day out and they became sick of eating the same thing. So my idea just went out the window. When I found this cookbook that all changed.

I now make salads for just about every meal. In this cookbook I found salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Salads made with seafood, creamy vegetable salads and fruit salads. My family is in seventh heaven and they don’t even realize how good it is for them.

With 365 different salads I’m sure to find something new every time. Of course there are a few we don’t care for, but for the most part we have enjoyed these salads. I even look forward to making a new one and seeing how my family reacts to it. It’s fun to see the look on their face when I put something new on the table. It’s even more fun to know I’m giving them healthy foods and they like it.

If you want to make a fresh start and eat healthier but are afraid to try because your family may bulk at the idea, try this cookbook. You’ll see as I did that eating healthy can be easy and even a fun thing to do.

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