The Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Guide

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The Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Guide
Rating: 7
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This is an ebook that provides an exercise program and nutritional information you can use from the day you find out your pregnant until the day you give birth to your new baby.

This is a very easy to follow guide. It gives you information on exercise and nutrition to keep you and your baby healthy and fit. Endorsed by health professionals you know this book has got to be on the right track.

This guide is full of tips and tricks that have kept many pregnant women up and going. These types of tips are important to your health and well being along with your baby’s. They also mean an easier time of delivery and even lessening the unpleasant conditions common among pregnant women. It is important to give your baby everything he or she needs to enter the world happy and healthy and stay that way, as well as to ensure a healthy experience with breastfeeding once the baby is born. This guide can show how to accomplish this.

There are no special pieces of equipment needed to do the exercises explained in this book. You can stay at home and exercise in the privacy of your own living room. I liked that part because going to a gym made me feel a little uncomfortable at times. This eased my mind and actually encouraged me to do better at and stick to exercising.

The exercises they suggest in this book are detailed to each different trimester and for just about any lifestyle you can think of. This also encouraged me to continue to exercise even when I could hardly get out of bed. The exercises got me up and kept me going.

I also like the nutritional information in this book. The easy meal plans go from week to week. No guessing. They have suggestions for writing your grocery list also. This really helped me because I’m on the go a lot and don’t really have time to plan my meals let alone make a grocery list. Plus the quick and easy recipes are great and delicious. Still had some cravings but not like I did with previous pregnancies.

This is a great guide to fitness and health for any pregnant woman. It has made a difference in how I feel, how I look and how other people look at me as a new Mom. I’m happy and so is my baby. That’s what is important and I’m glad I had The Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Guide.

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