Vegan Lunch Box Review

Vegan Lunch Box Review

Vegan Lunch Box is a cookbook and instructional guide for vegan and vegetarian families who want to make plant based meals to go that are healthy and child friendly.

Review: I am not a full blown vegetarian or vegan but I do like to make as many plant based meals as I can for my family so that we are eating a balanced and nutritious diet. For health and for environmental reasons we like to limit meat and animal product consumption. I also want to send my kids to school with a good healthy lunch that they will actually eat and not trade for junk food if they can. That is what I hoped to accomplish when I bought Vegan Lunch Box. It is a hugely creative book with many vegan recipes that kids love and that are perfect for putting in school lunchboxes. The author used the popular Laptop Lunch system which I also use so all the recipes are just perfect for us.

I found that they are easy to make, tasty, and appealing to kids. My son’s lunch treats have been the envy of the school ever since I started using the recipes and ideas in this book. His teacher even jokingly asked him if I would start making her lunches too! He eats everything from

The recipes are very easy and quick to make which is important to me and they are meat free, dairy free, and egg free which I love. There are even fun themes you can follow to make lunch time and adventure too. I personally loved the holiday themed lunches and my kids did too. Any book that helps me to ensure that my son loves devouring his lunch every day is tops in my book!

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