Baby Legs Review

Michelle Kahl of Walworth, Wisconsin sent in this review of Baby Legs

Baby Legs are the cutest little baby accessory. These are little leg warmers, the fit from the baby’s ankle up to the thigh. This helps the child stay comfortable, against the floor and the temperature, while making an awesome fashion statement. These come in so many different styles and sizes.

I love the ease of Baby Legs. They make diaper changing a breeze. It is also convenient to so easily go from having pants to shorts or “socks” soo quickly. This is made from such soft material too, available in organic cotton too. I love all the designs, there truly must be over 100 styles. These are very affordable too.

Baby Legs come in a variety of styles and sizes, for boys and girls. Adorable! Browse more Baby Legs here.

Note: Baby Legs are very popular among parents who practice elimination communication. They’re also wonderful for babies who are potty training, because they keep little legs warm without the child having to wear pants.

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