Foogo Sippy Cups

foogo.jpgDid you know that plastic sippy cups can leach harmful chemicals into your baby’s drink?

It is true. Plastic has harmful chemicals in it and when you give a child a plastic sippy cup those chemicals can be ingested.

But I recently came across a good alternative and it is very attractive to boot! These stainless steel sippy cups are called Foogo from Thermos.

The inner liners and the outer container is stainless steel and the lid is polypropylene and is BPA free…so no toxins to leach into your baby’s drink. This would be a great cup to put breastmilk in and keep it fresh with this cup’s vaccum insulation. They are safe to put in the dishwasher and they have a sleek and cool ergonomic design.

I love my own Klean Kanteen stainless steel mug but they are a bit big for the kids…but these are perfect!

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