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gDiapers is a totally new kind of diaper. It’s a cloth/disposable “hybrid”. The outer portion is a soft cotton “little g pant” that closes with velcro. It is lined with a breathable waterproof coating. gdiapers.jpg

Inside the little g pant is a waterproof nylon snap in liner. Disposable inserts pad the liner and catch the waste. The inserts are tossed into the toilet and flushed away when soiled. gDiapers are part cloth, part disposable. They create much less waste than traditional disposable diapers and are biodegradable.

They are quite environmentally friendly, in fact you can put the inserts into your compost pile. The Starter Pack gDiaper system consists of two “little g” diaper pants, 4 snap in nylon liners and 10 flushable fillers. The fillers need to be changed about every two hours.

The outer pant and snap in liner can be machine washed and dried.

gDiapers in my opinion, are a wonderful alternative for parents trying to make a decision on the whole cloth versus disposable diaper debate.

They are also a convenient replacement for cloth diapers when traveling. I use cloth diapers, but often there is no laundry facility at hotels. These are a great back up system. Additionally, the “little g” pants make great cloth diaper wraps. All you need to do is use a cloth diaper instead of the flushable insert.

One interesting feature of gdiapers is that they close in the back. While this took a bit of getting used to, it has the advantage of tricking a baby who is in the habit of removing his or her diaper. The velcro doesn’t always come together perfectly and would rub against the inside of my arm when I held my baby. I needed to keep pants or shorts on her to prevent this. It may be a fit issue however, my baby is quite slim and sometimes diaper pants don’t fit slim babies well.

g Diapers do not have an obnoxious perfumed smell like disposable diapers which is a big plus in my book.

Some parents may object to the presence of sodium polyacrylate in the inserts. The jury may still be out on SAP, but several studies have shown its safety. It has the same toxicity rating as table salt. Seventh Generation also uses SAP in their disposables. Also, I noticed that the SAP “beads” never showed up on my baby’s skin, something that always happened if I used a disposable.

Additionally, the inserts are filled with tree pulp and are chlorine free. I have low flo toilets and had no trouble at all flushing the soiled inserts.

The only problem I had with gDiapers was, once my toddler was close to 17 pounds, I couldn’t find a size that fit her. She was too small for the Medium, but the Large was way too big and the velcro scratched her thighs badly. I had similar problems finding diaper covers to fit my boys. She, like them, is long and skinny and petite. I don’t think I would have had any problems otherwise.

Another mom had this to say about gDiapers:

“If cloth Diapers are not for you then another option is the flushable diaper by gDiapers. As their web site says, “Imagine taking your baby’s soiled diaper and simply flushing it down the toilet. No more smell. No more diaper. No more diaper pail. You’re putting waste right where it belongs, in the toilet. Not in a landfill.”The ‘little g’ pants are made of water resistant, machine-washable, breathable material to keep wetness away and prevent diaper rash. Each pair of ‘little g’ pants comes with a spare snap-in liner. You also get a handy swish stick for breaking apart the flushable stuffing, and a H.U.G. also known as the Handy User Guide. After you have a sufficient amount of the reusable pants then all you have to do is purchase the refills.

It can take as long as 500 years for disposable diapers to biodegrade in a landfill. It is comforting to know that we have options that will ensure our baby’s diapers will not be around to pollute the earth for generations to come.

Check out gDiapers

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