Kabuki Kimono Pants Review

Review submitted by: Seema

As parents who want to give the best to their children, we prefer buying organic clothes for them along with organic food items. Organic clothes are absolutely safe and are made from natural fibers that are grown under strict supervision of quality control. The fibers that are used in the making of these clothes are grown and processed in natural and organic environment with no use of synthetic fertilizers or harmful pesticides.

Researchers are of the opinion that kids wearing non-organic clothes are on risk of nervous system ailments most of the time. They develop allergies in early age and some of them complain of breathing diseases like asthma. In addition to this there are some kinds of skin cancer that are developed in children wearing synthetic or clothes made of unnatural fibers.

Kabuki Kimono Natural Pants

Organic baby clothing is safe and pure and at the same time environmental friendly too. As awareness for global warming and other problems due to using products that produce harm to environment, people are trying to switch to organic food and clothes. This will help them retain their health as well as help and save our planet to some extent. Organic food products possess high nutritious values by having high levels of vitamins and minerals. Also organic baby clothing will give your child a healthy lifestyle and healthy environment to grow and develop with pure and natural things.

Being a concerned and caring mom, I bought a pair of Kabuki Kimono Natural Pants for my toddler. There is a whole set on ‘Sckoon KABUKI collections’ that comprises of Kimonos, pants, booties with striking color contrasts and every piece will give the zeal and spirit of Japanese Kabuki.

I love seeing my child in Japanese outfits and above all I bought these because they were genuinely organic and my child feels free and comfortable in them. The pant in bold chocolate color and the natural colored Kabuki Kimono gives a beautiful combination and the contrast in colors make it look all the more attractive. These are made of certified organic cotton that is 100% pure and natural and the products are priced very reasonably too. You can get from sizes 0-6m, 6-12m and the Kimono and pants are sold separately for $22 each.

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