Kissaluvs Fitted Cloth Diapers

kissaluvs fitted cloth diapersKissaluvs were some of the softest, nicest diapers I ever bought when my kids were still in diapers! Apparently I’m not the only one who felt that way because we got these two reviews from other cloth diapering moms who love their Kissaluvs:

Lillibeth from Orlando, Florida said:

“I love the cute color choices on these diapers! The fabric is very soft and snaps are great once baby figures out how to take off hook and loop closure diapers; however this design is a bit bulky and not as absorbent as I had hoped. I would still recommend this product, but definitely for use with a doubler for nighttime.”

Kissaluvs also makes contour diapers and Terry Wipes.

Another Mom said:

“Kissaluv’s fitted cloth diapers are awesome.  They have stretchy elastic around the legs and the back of the diaper that keep in all those runny breast milk poos without a problem.  I have not ever had a “blowout” with these diapers.  They are textured which helps for added absorbency.

Kissaluv’s offer a great fit because of their many plastic snaps.  There are many choices and combinations of snaps to offer the perfect fit for your individual baby.  They also have a styley and comfortable low-rise front.  They come in many beautiful shades of diaper and stitching or you can opt for natural unbleached cotton.

One of the greatest features of these diapers is the on-the-go convienence.  When your little one has a messy one when you are away from the house, you can just roll up the diaper and fold the wings in and snap them together to make a tidy little package to carry home to washer!

Even if you do not exclusively use Kissaluv’s fitted diapers, it is still a good idea to supplement with some of them.  You may use economical pre-folds most of the time, but it’s nice to have some of these diapers on hand.  They make cloth diapering easy and FUN!

You can buy Kissaluvs Fitted Cloth Diapers at

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