Natural Choice Diapers & Wipes Review

Natural Choice Environmentally Sensitive Diapers and Wipes

I have tried both Natural Choice Diapers and Wipes.  There were things I liked and didn’t about this brand of baby care items.  These are a natural disposable diaper similar to Seventh Generation in terms of ingredients, which is what originally attracted me to them.

These diapers are not only affordable, they are CHEAP!  The diapers held up well through the night, they absorbed a lot.  My biggest problem with them is the closer tabs.

These diapers did not stay fastened well at all, especially when they got a little wet and heavy, they would fall right off.  Wearing a onesie would help to keep the diapers on and in their place.  These diapers were always falling off.

My son would lose his diaper, they would fall off him and come out his pant leg.  Soon enough he was picking them up and bringing them to me.  I first thought he was taking them off.  We quit using these diapers after he ended up naked at a party.  I thought about just duct taping the diapers on him, but never actually did.

The wipes are also super cheap and pretty well made.  They are pretty thick and keep their moisture very well.  I still purchase the wipes.

Submitted by: Michelle Kahl
Natural Choice Environmentally-Sensitive Diapers, Case Pack

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