New Native Baby Carrier Review

New Native Baby Carrier

new native baby carrierThere is nothing like being close to your little one, especially during the early months. But no one can walk around carrying their baby all day long without wearing themselves out. However, with the Native Baby Carrier those days of carrying a baby around in your arms all day are over and you can even get some work done around the house.

This versatile sling is curved to keep your baby safe and snug and gives you the ability to carry them in the front, on the side or in the back. The Native Baby Carrier grows with the child in that when they are toddlers you are able to even fit them snugly on your hip.

Here are some reasons you need to make this baby carrier a part of your wardrobe:

• Bonding. Helps both mom and dad develop a close relationship with baby. Dad can’t breastfeed but he can wear the baby. Babywearing also helps parents learn their baby’s cues. Babies cry less when they’re worn, which means less stress for everyone.

• Perfect for breastfeeding in public. If you’re nervous and nursing in public, a sling like the New Native makes it easy to be discreet.

• Safely bend over or twist with both hands free. Because of the design of this sling (tube style), baby stays safely nestled in the sling.

• No more carrying that bulky car seat into stores. The New Native is lightweight and easy to fold into a purse. When you want to slip it on it takes only seconds.

It is a great way to be in tune with the needs of your baby and to get to know your baby on the intimate level that is so needed in those early days. It is also convenient for you because it is not confining and moms can even nurse while doing other things with their hands.

The Native Baby Carrier is perfect for the mom or dad who wants to be close but still needs to tend to the home, the other children or even get some errands done.

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