The Good Mama one size fitted cloth diaper

Review submitted by: Ashley in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

The Good Mama one size fitted cloth diaper

We have used cloth diapers on our son since his birth two years ago and tried absolutely everything.
Nothing, and I mean nothing, has the fit and absorbancy of the Good Mama fitted diaper.

Because it is one size, it can work for both small and large babies and toddlers–the creator actually states on her website that she hasn’t met a toddler that her diaper doesn’t fit. The diaper that we have is all organic velour, which is not only to die for soft but much better on the environment.

I love that I can put organic materials on my son and actually be able to afford doing so! The diapers come in a variety of trim colors, all bright and fun. These are best under knitted wool, my favorite leak proof cover, but if I had to describe a weakness it would be the bulk of the diaper.

All the layers coupled with the fact that it is intended to fit from 10 pounds to potty learning does make for a substantial bum, especially paired with a cover and then play clothes. However, the functionality of the diaper is flawless.

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