Tushies Chemical Free Disposable Diapers

Tushies chemical free disposable diapers I’ve used cloth diapers with all of my babies, but there have been times when I was traveling or had a baby with diarrhea and wanted a disposable diaper.

‘ve used Tushies at this time and like them a lot. I found them to be quite absorbent, but then again I change my babies frequently. I’ve heard some parents say they had problems with leakage, but this could also be due to other factors like baby’s size and shape.

Tushies use a natural cotton blend for their absorbency. They are free of perfumes and Polyacrylate Gels (those super absorbent gel “beads” that regular disposable diapers leave behind). The smell of most disposable diapers really gets to me, but Tushies don’t have a noxious perfumy smell.

Tushies are a little more bulky than most disposables, but I didn’t mind this at all.

You can buy Tushies online at Amazon.com and NaturesGrocer.com

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