Wonderoos Pocket Diapers

If you are looking for cloth diapers that can comfortably fit both your six-month-old and your almost potty trained toddler, then Wonderoos Pocket Diapers may be just the thing for you. The diaper consists of a fleece lined waterproof pocket, in which you insert the part that absorbs water. Then you snap the completed diaper snuggly around your baby or toddler and off you go.

Wonderoos come in one size fits all, and that claim is almost true. They really are too big for newborns. But once the baby weighs around fifteen pounds, baby can wear them. How big can baby get and still fit them? Well, my 36 lb four-year-old wears them at night, and there’s still plenty of growing room.

They come in all sorts of bright colors, which can be fun for the children wearing them. My girls like to match. But they also come in plain white if that’s what you prefer.

Wonderoos are convenient on the road, because once they are properly assembled, they go on and come off just like a disposable diaper. The main difference, of course, is that you will then take them home, take them apart, and run them through the laundry. If you have someone else care for your child, it’s easy to “train” that person to use the Wonderoos even if she has never used cloth diapers before. I use my Wonderoos for day trips and family vacations, when before I used disposables.

I’ve definitely enjoyed mine and overall consider them to have been a worthwhile purchase.

Like many cloth diapers, you get the occasional leak, and that tends to be exacerbated if you have used any kind of diaper rash ointment on your little one as lotions and oils tend to make the fleece repel water. That problem is solved by stripping, and after using my Wonderoos for over two years I’ve only had to do that once. If the diaper gets too full, it will start to seep through the pocket, so you want to make sure you are on top of changing that little one. Still, they can hold a decent amount before they give you problems.

My diapers are getting old, and the first place I’ve noticed it is that those elastics aren’t as snug as they used to be, and sometimes I’ve had the “wee” come out the sides, leaving an almost completely dry diaper (and a wet bed). This happens sometimes when my baby is lying on her side. I have used these diapers on two people for over two years, and continue to use them. I mean, they have been through a lot.

Wonderoos can be purchased online at: http://www.wonderoos.com/

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