Crane Pig Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

Crane Pig Ultrasonic Humidifier Review
Rating:  9

Description:  Cute and kid friendly, this humidifier works great to keep the air just right in your child’s room while keeping with the quiet sound and playful look of a child’s bedroom.img00850

Review:  I must say I really don’t like those large humidifiers that sound like a freight train running through my house.  When I couldn’t take it anymore I went looking for something that would do the trick and be a little more useful for myself, my child and my home.

I really like this little humidifier.  First it’s little.  It doesn’t take up half my child’s room.  With all the toys and furniture in the room I needed something small.  Plus I wanted something that wouldn’t scare the daylights out of my little girl.  Those big humidifiers can be down right scary in the middle of the night to a small child.  This humidifier fit the bill.

I also wanted something that was quiet.  I have a light sleeper who doesn’t adjust well to any noise even if she has heard it over and over again.  I found this humidifier to be quiet while working proficiently.  It has a slight hum but you can’t even hear it unless you are really listening for it.

Because of the size of this humidifier the water tank isn’t huge and bulky and hard to carry around.  It’s easy for me to carry into the kitchen and fill.  At first I was afraid it might not hold much or work for very long but I was wrong.  It holds enough water to run about 10 hours.  I fill it in the morning when she gets up and then again in the afternoon when nap time is over.  At night I fill it again just before she goes to bed. Plus it’s economical.  It has a regulator to determine the humidity output and the low power usage saves us money on the electrical bill.

My daughter really enjoys having this humidifier in her room.  She even talks to it now and then just like all the rest of her animal toys.  It has given me peace of mind in many areas and has given my child a healthier and happier living space.  It comes in other animal shapes and colors too so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that fits your child’s décor and needs.

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