Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks are a terrific art material for children made of a soft soy wax and tinted with mineral powders, Crayon Rocks make vibrant colors and beautiful textures.

Review: This is an awesome new product for kids and a great alternative for parents concerned about conventional crayons which are with petroleum byproducts. Crayons rocks are made from sustainable soy and they shaped like cute little rocks. They almost look like jelly beans and kids LOVE them.

My younger kids had a hard time controlling large stick crayons but Crayon Rocks are easy to hold, and they encourage the use of a tripod grip so that fine motor skill can be developed. These crayons allow for more practice writing and drawing which will be a foundation for their writing skills later.

They are not awkward for children with special needs either, particularly those with sensory processing disorders related to fine motor skills, such as can be found with cerebral palsy or autism. Crayons rocks would be perfect for them.
Not only do they help develop those fine motor skills they create beautifully textured drawings. The fact that they are made of soy instead of paraffin wax helps them go on smoothly, more like pastels or paint. We did find that the soy colors are a bit lighter than other crayons so the color doesn’t have as much depth but we enjoy using them regardless.

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