Fisher Price Royal Step Potty Review

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Product Name: Fisher Price Royal Step Potty
Rating: 9
Where to buy: Fisher-Price Royal Potty Step Stool is available at

Description: This is a training potty that sings to your child when used. It has the ability to be used as a step stool for those hard to reach places like the sink. It includes a removable bucket for easy clean up and the seat can be used on the large toilet as your child’s ability grows.

Review: Training a toddler to use the potty can be a very trying time for both child and parent. A training potty that will entice your toddler and is also versatile is a welcome help. The Royal Step Potty is right up that alley.

This cute potty is made to look like a throne. Made with durable plastic and bright colors this potty will have your child using the potty in no time.

When my grandson decided that he liked the idea of using this potty we were so excited. The first time he used it and it played music he wanted to go back and use it over and over. The idea that he is the King of the bathroom made him laugh.

The bucket is easy to remove and clean. I found this to be wonderful. With my children you had to work at getting the bucket out to clean and this made for some really big messes. Being able to do this quickly and easily makes my life easier too.

The idea of a step stool is great. Once he uses the potty he can put the lid down and step up to the sink. Washing his hands after each use is very important and makes it easier for both him and his mom and I. He loves washing his hands and it has become a habit for him. The fact that it’s made of durable plastic makes me feel better when he does stand on the step stool.

We haven’t tried the removable seat on the big toilet yet. I do like this idea because when it comes time he can take a part of something he feels comfortable with to use in public places or family and friend’s homes. Using the big potty always scared my children but having something you know helps to ease that fear and makes the child anxious to move ahead in their training.

Fisher Price is a name people have trusted for years and once again they have come through. If you’re trying to potty train your toddler try this potty seat. You’ll love it and the future King or Queen of the house will too!

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