Gardening Kits for Kids

Kids Gardening Kits

This hands-on indoor planting set by Green Toys is complete with organic seeds and soil. It includes three yellow planters, one green planter tray, orange trowel, three packets of organic seeds and three expandable soil disks.

As parents we hope that our kids will come to love nature and plants. The quickest way to make sure they want to protect the natural world around them is to help them come to love it and all its wonder. Help kids get exposure to gardening outside is one way to do this but other we can’t forget to bring nature indoors to.

The Green Toy gardening kit is a fun set for kids and beginner gardeners. It comes with 3 pots, a pea-pod shaped planter tray for the pots to sit in, a trowel, soil, and 3 packets of organic seeds (Teddy Bear Sunflower, Zinnia, and Basil). It is set is pretty easy to use and very attractive with yellow and green pastels and great design. This is especially amazing in light of the fact that this set, along with other Green Toys, are made from recycled milk jugs. They are not only great toys but innovative and planet friendly ones too.

To use the set just drop peat in the 3 pots, soak with water, wait 30 minutes and you are ready to plant the seeds. The pots do not have drainage holes so if your kids will be watering they need to be careful not to get things too wet. Parental supervision may be needed. This set look fabulous on the window sill of the kitchen or a kid’s bedroom and helps bring a little nature inside for us to enjoy.

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Green Toys Gardening Kit for Kids

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