Sckoon Organic Cotton Rompers Review

As moms we want to give our child the best in clothing, food and toys. When it comes to clothing it becomes very difficult to decide because along with good and skin friendly fabric we search for style, up to date and good looking dresses too. Nowadays stylish organic clothing is popping up quite fast for adults as well as in kids and infants sizes too. These clothes are made from fibers that have been grown and processed in a natural way, without pesticides, and they are safer for the kids and for our planet too. Add to this the fact that your child will be free from any allergy or skin problems, and will be protected from pesticides and dyes which are linked to cancer.

As the world is facing environmental problems, we should be aware and take part in projects that help reduce global warming and save our planet. Buying organic clothes is a part of this movement too. Not only this but it is healthier and safer for you and your child. Nowadays there are lots of brands that offer organic clothes and you can be assured of their quality, since many of these companies pride themselves on offering clothing that holds up in the wash and that can be passed on to more than one child. For example, the Sckoon Organic Cotton Romper.

Sckoon Organic Cotton Romper Review

I was impressed by its style and beautiful design. It is a pear print romper in a bright sunny color and is a must have wardrobe item for your stylish and fashionable baby. The rompers are extremely soft as organic cotton tends to be, cozy and good looking too and my child is happily wearing it.

The organic products manufactured at Sckoon’s are certified by both international and domestic certification agencies. Their products are manufactured in fair-trade factories and they take note of the style and popular trends of the present too. Sckoon organics are available at

Sckoon Organic Cotton Rompers in Red Pear

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