Xeko Indonesia Game

Description: The animals of Indonesia are in danger…the power to save them is in the cards. Globetrotting adventure, eye-popping illustrations, and challenging strategy make Xeko a favorite with kids ages 8 and up.

Xeko Indonesia Game

Review: Xeko is a really fun trading cards game for kids that has won many awards, including game of the year in 2007. The game teaches players about ecology and endangered species in various parts of the world.

It is a trading card game with a social conscience and there are a couple different missions available in places like Costa Rica, Madagascar, and Indonesia. Game players learn about the multifaceted nature of ecosystems, as they try to save the endangered ecological communities in whatever destination they have chosen.

It is difficult to describe the game and it was pretty complicated to learn the game as well. Principally you play cards against each other on a big map of the ecosystem. I play it with my 8 year old son and my husband. The starter set comes in a lovely collector’s box and the cards and board (or map) are really beautiful. Extra cards can be bought to expand the game and the missions can even be combined.

The game is made from recycled paper stock printed with soy based inks. Players can send their card wrappers back to the company too. Conservation International is provided with 4% of the net sales of each game, for their work in supporting the hotspots that inspired the game.

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