Bravado Nursing Bras

The Bravado bras have always been some of my favorite nursing bras. They’re 92 % cotton for breathability and 8% spandex for a nice stretch that you need when you’re nursing and changing sizes throughout the day. These bras come in a variety of colors including rainbow, tie-dye, and leopard print. They are available in three varieties of cup size: regular, plus and double plus in small, medium, large, and plus sizes. The larger cup sizes are built to provide more support.bravado nursing bras

If you are searching for a terrific, comfortable, quality nursing bra, Bravado Bras are your answer. These bras allow you to breath and allow for the changing size of your breast from morning through night without losing there shape. With there racer back style and wide elastic rib-band you are always comfortable.

They recently created a more traditional style bra in micro-fiber fabric to remedy the problem of no lift! This bra is ultra comfy and attractive. It also comes in a wardrobe flattering colors. You will not regret buying this bra

Criticism: The stretchy fabric is great, but doesn’t always offer that lift we want for our breast! I would probably create this bra in a little heavier of a fabric for all of the sizes not just the bigger sizes. I would also offer a design with lace for those women who still want a pretty bra.

You can buy Bravado Bras online.

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